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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

It depends on how quickly you contact us after your order is confirmed.

Generally speaking the sooner the better. 🙂

If an item has already been shipped then it’s not possible to change the address.

Category: Shipping

We print and ship all our products on demand once you place an order.
Shipping times can differ depending on which country or region items will be sent to:

You can expect to receive your items usually within:

  • 3-12 business days in the US
  • 6-20 days in Canada
  • 6-30 days for any other international locations
Category: Shipping

Not at the moment, but we hope to have it available for you soon in Australia.

Category: Shipping

That’s no good, we know, and we’re pretty sure you are super excited waiting for your items!

First thing to do is to check whether or not your order is still within the expected shipping time.

If your order is overdue, you can contact us via this contact form available on our website.
Make sure to send through the following information:

  • Your account’s email, or the guest email you made the purchase with.
  • Your order number.
  • Details of the problem that has happened.

We promise we will be in contact as soon as possible! 🙂

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