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Baby shower games explained: “The Price Is Right”

How much certain baby essentials cost? Entertain your guests with this simple and fun game.

What you’ll need for “The Price Is Right”

  • A number of game cards containing a list of baby essentials with a space to the right for price guesses.

Credits: MyLittleForestCo, ShowerThatBaby, BabyxLibrary, LuckyFoxPartyShop, and StrawberryPartyPrint.

How to play “The Price Is Right”

  1. Hand out a game card to each guest with the baby items listed;
  2. Once everyone has their cards and a pen/pencil, start a timer;
  3. When the time is up, reveal the prices and award a point to whoever got closer to the real price.
  4. Ask people to sum up their points and the winner is the guest with more points.

If you are going DIY and create your own list of baby items, you can use this as the starting point:

  • Dummy / pacifier
  • Sleeping bag
  • IKEA cot / crib
  • Baby monitor
  • Baby hairbrush
  • Baby thermometer
  • IKEA high chair
  • Pram/stroller
  • Portable cot / crib

Fun twists

  • Award extra points for guesses that match the price exactly.
  • Add specific brands or models to the items, so people have more chances of guessing right.
  • Make it easier for guests by not using cents on the prices, just the whole part. (for example: 3 is the right answer, regardless of the price being 3.14 or 3.88)

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