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Baby shower games explained: “Baby Traits Prediction”

This fun game can be easily played by all guests, even if they don’t know either dad or mom-to-be that well.

What you’ll need for “Baby Traits Prediction”

  • A number of cards featuring a list of traits and options for people to circle either mom or dad.

Credits: BabyxLibrary, MimisPrintables, everjolly, BabyxLibrary, and WestandPine.

How to play “Baby Traits Prediction”

  1. Gather everyone and give each person a card with the list of traits;
  2. Ask people to look at both mom and dad-to-be and mark their choices;
  3. Get someone to count things and announce the consensus prediction.

If you are going DIY and create your table of traits, you can use this as your starting point:

Characteristic / TraitMomDad
Hair👶 ⃞👶 ⃞
Eye colour👶 ⃞👶 ⃞
Nose👶 ⃞👶 ⃞
Sense of humour👶 ⃞👶 ⃞
Fashion sense👶 ⃞👶 ⃞
Athletic skills👶 ⃞👶 ⃞

Fun twists

  • You can group all options that did not receive the majority of the votes to announce the “less likely baby traits“.
  • You can have a blank last row so people can add an extra feature from either mom or dad that the baby is going to have.

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