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Baby shower games explained: “Don’t Say Baby”

A brilliantly simple game that will entertain everyone and make your guests talk between themselves more easily during all the party.

What you’ll need for “Don’t Say Baby”

  • A set of pin / brooches, ideally one per guest;
    • Amazon is usually a great source for these pins; I particularly love this unicorn-themed set.
A lovely example set of pins you can use, from Amazon
  • A print outlining the rules easily visible somewhere (see rules below).

How to play “Don’t Say Baby”

  1. Give each guest a single pin at the beginning of the party;
  2. Anytime someone says the word “baby”, one of their pins is stolen;
  3. At the end of the party, the guest with more pins is the winner.

Fun twists

  • When someone says the keyword, all of their pins are stolen (not a single one).
  • If most of your guests share a common interest (let’s say, cycling), you can have a second keyword (for example: bike) to make things more dynamic.
  • Make it Mario Kart style: everyone receives three pins at the beginning instead of one.
  • Make it UNO style: give someone a reverse card so they can purposely say the keyword at some point, giving them the right to steal the pins of whoever caught them saying the word instead.
  • Have a wooden spoon award: guests receive silly (funny!) replacement pins for each pin stolen from them, so the guest with more silly pins receives the wooden spoon. (these pins cannot be stolen)

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