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10 clever ideas for a creative baby gender reveal

Boy or girl 👬? Blue 💙 or pink 💖?

Revealing the gender of your baby to family and friends can be done in a variety of creative ways these days.

Which means you definitely want something original that reflects your personality, right?
So to help you with that find below my curated list of creative ideas to inspire your baby gender reveal!

Idea #1: Gender reveal cake

It is a party, you have friends and family around you, so naturally there is also a cake to be served.
Take advantage of that and make the cake literally the centerpiece of the event by using it as the gender revealer.

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Photo credit: Taste of Home

The idea is simple, creative, and cost-effective (after all, it serves as food for your guests): just add food colouring to the cake batter to turn it either blue or pink, of course leaving the frost as usual with a gender neutral colour, typically white or yellow.

Then at the party, just gather the guests around the cake and slice the cake for the big revelation!

Idea #2: Gender reveal balloon pop / piñata

OK, this is actually 2 ideas in 1, but the principle is exactly the same, so that is why I’m grouping them together.

For the balloon: fill a large balloon with pink or blue confetti and pop it to reveal the gender.

Photo credit: Balloon Boy

For the piñata: either buy a ready-made gender reveal piñata or you can use a simple box for the same effect, then fill with confetti for the big reveal.

Photo credit: Love & Zest

Idea #3: Gender reveal scratchies

This idea is super cool because everyone at the party gets to actively participate!

It works like this: every guest receives a scratch card and then you give the signal so everyone scratch their cards, whoever gets three identical colours announces the gender!

Photo credit: HoneyBeePartyPrints

Idea #4: Gender reveal fortune cookies

Of course you are familiar with fortune cookies, right?

These crispy and sugary cookies are normally used for inspirational quotes, but did you know you can find people that make them with customised messages?

Photo credit: Fortune Cookies NZ

So the idea is quite simple: either buy the cookies ready-made with the message you want OR make them at home with a recipe of fortune cookies.

For an interesting variation, you can go for different messages inside the cookies and only cookie having the message that reveals the gender. 😀

Idea #5: Star Wars inspired gender reveal

Any Star Wars fans out there? So you will immediately recognise these:

Photo credits: DUBBUL

This idea works even better for parties at night, so the glow from the lightsabers is more noticeable.

To get it done you simply need to purchase a pair of lightsabers (Amazon has heaps of options for you to choose from) with a combination of colours like described below:

  • Sabers of same colour: both parents reveal the gender at the same time by activating their sabers at the same time with the lights off.
  • Sabers of different colours: both parents start a battle and the winner side holds the saber revealing the gender of the baby. How cool is this, eh???

Idea #6: Gender reveal dart board

Another idea easily DIY or that you can buy ready-made: it is a board with a number of balloons and guests will be throwing darts to discover the gender of the baby.

Photo credit: PartyParadiseBalloon

You can them play the game using this cool plan: all balloons have some confetti inside according to the setup below:

  • Three of the gender of the baby,
  • Two of the opposite gender,
  • All others have white confetti.

Now guests should just take turns throwing darts and whenever three coloured balloons pop the gender will be revealed.

Idea #7: Gender reveal golf balls

For sportist parents with a particular interest in golf, this idea is super cool.

Photo credit: Babykees

Buy a ready-made golf ball that breaks when hit, releasing a beautifully coloured power to reveal the baby gender.

You can also go for alternative-but-similar sport ideas, such as baseball or American football.

Idea #8: Gender reveal egg roulette

This idea got popular after The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon showed it in action.
The best part? Super easy to DIY!

Photo credit: Mum’s grapevine

The plan is as follows: get a dozen eggs and dye 6 with a shade of pink and the other 6 with a shade of blue. (easy-to-follow instructions for dying eggs at home).

Now here is the twist: only ONE of the eggs will remain raw, while all the others will be hard boiled.
During the party parents will take turns cracking the eggs in their foreheads until they crack the raw one revealing the gender.

Idea #9: Furry friend gender reveal

Have a child with four pawns? You can turn your furry friend into the star of the show with this idea.

Photo credit: lcdezines

Dress your dog with this cute shirt and let them roam around the party, guests can rub the dog’s belly to find out the gender.

Bonus points if you are having twins and have two dogs: each dog reveals the gender of one baby!

Idea #10: Gender reveal surprise box with balloons

All you need to pull this one off is a big cardboard box and some balloons with the colour of the gender to be revealed.

Photo credit: Kara’s Party Ideas

Now you just need to fill the balloons with helium and let them sit somewhere at the party ready for the big moment.

To reveal the gender you simply open the box letting the balloons fly up to the sky, super easy!

I’d love to see photos of your party!

If you’ve done your party using any of the ideas above, I would love to see some of the photos. 😍

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